So Long, So Long is an post-punk/indierock band conceived in Hasselt, (BE). The songs they write and play are a combination of catchy lyrics built on memorable guitar riffs, 80’s synths, dope sounding bass and drumbeats that make you move your feet like you never did before.

“It’s like Ben Howard and The XX made a babygirl.”

It started out as a solo project by singer-songrwiter Luca van Cruchten, it was very folky at the time. Things went fast, the challenge of getting a band together was the thing to do, Roeland Aerts started out as the cellist at December 2015, when we had a big show at Studio C-Mine as support of Marble Sounds. Months passed, songs were written and Romy Aben (guitar) and Dieter Vergauwen (drums) got their role in the band, from that moment on So Long, So Long stepped his way into the ocean of songwriting. During 2016’s summer the band played shows at Alternative Fest, Genk On Stage, Art Centers in Maaseik and Tongeren (both in Belgium) and much more venues.

On the 11th of December 2016 the band released their debut single ‘Silhouette’. Not long after the release pianist/guitarist Lukas Geijsen joined in. Their debut EP ‘Did You Come Far?) is now released.

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